The Season of Creation
1st September to
4th October


Pope’s invitation to celebrate the Season of Creation

The Season of Creation is an ecumenical opportunity to join in both prayer and action for the good of the environment and the earth as our common home. We have perhaps never been so aware of the fragility of our relationship with the Earth and felt encouraged by circumstance to find ways of living in harmony with each other and with all of creation. We have perhaps come to understand that we cannot simply continue to receive without giving back and that we need to make room for all life to flourish.

2020 Theme:
Jubilee for the Earth

This year's celebration is themed ''A Year of Jubilee'' and takes place within the ‘Laudato Si’ Anniversary Year launched by Pope Francis last May, in conjunction with the 5th Anniversary of the publication of his ground-breaking encyclical on the environment. During the course of this year we are asked to consider the "integral relationship between rest for the Earth and ecological, economic, social and political ways of living.”

To complement this anniversary, the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development wrote a letter encouraging Catholics to engage with the Season of Creation.  In the letter Pope Francis is quoted as saying:
"As the world experiences deep uncertainty and suffering in the midst of a global emergency, we are called to recognize that a truly healthy recovery means seeing that “everything is connected” and repairing the bonds we have broken. We realize that we need to grow more and more in solidarity and take care of one another in fraternity"
Read the full letter here.

In the meantime, the presidents of the Conference of European Churches and the Council of European Bishops' Conference have released a joint statement in relation to the Season of Creation.


To help us mark this important moment, there are a number of resources available to assist in engaging with The Season of Creation:

Season of Creation 2020 Website / Celebration Guide
An attractive and simple website which allows the visitor to sign up in order to get involved with events, and receive information in order to help them understand the season and plan ways to celebrate it. Visit

Video Series from the Columbans
"Jubilee for the Earth” is a podcast mini-series about biodiversity and our sacred story launching August 31. It is produced by the Missionary Society of St. Columban, who are a Society of priests and laypeople that live and share the good news of the Gospel by working with those who are poor and exploited, including the earth.

Global Healing and Global Caring
Access to the Global Healing and Global Caring film resources from the Catholic Bishops' Conference

CAFOD - Novena to St Francis of Assisi
The Novena consists of nine brief reflections asking St Francis of Assisi to pray for us and our world, based on his beautiful Canticle of the Sun. The Diocese will share this Novena on social media to coincide with the Feast of St Francis of Assisi on 4th October.

A Catholic Season of Creation
– Sundays of September (Year A, 2020)

Click here for link to PDF download page
The Columbans have produced this resource in order to help us explore Sunday scripture readings (from 6th September, 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, onwards). The aim is to help us explore the voice of the earth as the voice of the Holy Spirit,  in which to God’s plan of Salvation is seen by linking the natural world with Scripture.

Climate Sunday
Churches Together in Britain and Ireland are asking local churches to hold a Climate Sunday Mass or service at some point during the Season of Creation, to commit to reducing carbon emissions and to join a call for strong action on climate change to the UK government in advance of COP26.

Parishes could consider a number of CAFOD's Creation Celebration tips to create a creation themed Mass:

SCIAF (the Scottish version of Caritas)
The organisation are celebrating the Season of Creation through a series of events urging Christians across the globe to Care for our Common Home.  This includes a number of Zoom meetings in which you can take part, including the first one on 1st September at 2 pm

Reading Material
Laudato Si can be accessed here whilst Messenger Publications have produced publish Dermot Lane’s Theology and Ecology in Dialogue to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the publication of Laudato Si’.
Find out more / order here.

Columbans ‘Jubilee for the Earth’ trailer video