The Cathedral


St George's Cathedral, Southwark,
Lambeth Road, Southwark,

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St George's Cathedral, Southwark

St George's Cathedral, officially known as the Metropolitan Cathedral Church of Saint George, is the mother church of the Archdiocese of Southwark, that is the principal church building in the diocese. It is here that the 'Cathedra' of teh archbishop of Southwark is located. The term 'Cathedra' comes from the Greek, καθέδρα kathédra, meaning "seat", and it is from this word that the term Cathedral is derived.

The Cathedral is the venue for many significant events in the life of the Diocese; some annual like the Chrism Mass and the Rite of Election, and some more one-off like the ordination or installation of a Bishop. It is, however, also a working parish with a similar life to most other parishes: Sunday and weekday Masses; Sacramental preparation etc. although in a bigger building than any other in the diocese.