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 Archbishop Peter's visit to Kenya with CAFOD

Friday, 8th - Friday, 15th June 2012


Day 4 - Tuesday, 12th June


Field visit to the Integrated AIDS Programme

On Tuesday, 12th June 2012, the Archbishop, Fr Philip and Chris Bain visited the Integrated AIDS Programme in Thika, 25 miles north-east of Nairobi.

About 6% of Kenyans suffer from HIV/AIDS and many more are affected by the disease, especially orphaned children. In Thika, the Integrated AIDS Programme project is run by the Assumptionist Sisters of Nairobi.

Sister explains the background of the project

CAFOD supports the work of Community Care workers. They are trained to be able to help those in their community with their health issues. They are often living with HIV themselves and so are more able to encourage others with the virus.

Visit to an elderly lady who has a large cancer tumour. CAFOD is helping to supply cancer medication in this area. Although this lady does not have HIV, those suffering with HIV seem more likely to be afflicted with cancer.

The Archbishop and the group met with a gathering of 'guardians' - adults who are caring for orphaned children who have HIV. The guardians were mainly grandparents or other family members. The Project provides support to the guardians by getting them together, providing training in micro finance (in order that they can support the orphans financially) and providing expert medical advice. Experience has shown that family members are best placed to tell orphaned children that the have HIV and how to live with the condition.

The Comprehensive Care Clinic is housed on the site of the primary school. The Clinic provides the medication necessary to manage HIV (state-funded antiretrovirals) and provides medical support for other effects of the condition (medicines funded by CAFOD).

Archbishop Peter and the group met some of the children orphaned by HIV. They have gathered for regular medication, and are playing while their 'guardians' meet together.

Archbishop Peter met Patrick, an HIV sufferer, who only months
before was half his present body weight

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Day 3 - Monday, 11th June


Field visit to St John's Sports Society, Korogocho

Korogocho is one of the largest and most congested slums in Nairobi, with almost 200,000 people packed into less than a square mile. The land belongs to the government while 'slumlords' own the 3x3 metre shanties made of mud, wood and iron sheets - large families share these single-room dwellings.

Education, health and sanitation are basic and there are few proper roads. Most residents lack affordable, clean water and have no electricity or regular source of income (only 21% of adult men are in salaried income or established trading). Young people desperate to make a living often become involved in illegal activities.

A view from next to the St John's Church, Korogocho. The whitish mess near the sky line is the Dandora rubbish dump (listed as one of the most polluted sites in the world). Many of the poor of the slum work on the dump collecting material to sell; but there are extreme health hazards to this. Fr John Webootsa, with CAFOD's help, is trying to help some of these workers move to other work.

In an attempt to break the cycle of deprivation, the St John's Sports Society has been established. It works in partnership with CAFOD. It aims to transform Korogocho by using sport to mobilise the community. Its main focus is on human formation and community work. As well as running sports programmes including football, netball, weightlifing and taekwondo, the society organises social activities such as cleaning the local area.

In his first field trip with CAFOD in Kenya, Archbishop Peter visited St John's Sports Society on Monday, 11th June 2012.

Fr John introduces young people who belong to the Sports Society

Archbishop Peter in the shack used as the weightlifting gym

The Society buildings are being extended to better accommodate the gym for the weightlifters - work began today with the first support column

Archbishop Peter unveils a plaque marking the start of the extension

Archbishop Peter also met with a women's group. The women have formed a type of credit union where they save small amounts of money and have a opportunity to borrow from the common fund. The decision to lend is made by the whole group.

In the afternoon the Archbishop visited the Kenyan Episcopal Conference Catholic Secretariat.

He also visited the staff of CAFOD Kenya - about thirty members of CAFOD support outreach to the East Africa region.

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Chris Bain's photos of Day 1 (safari at Lake Nakuru National Park) and

Chris Bain's photos of Day 2 (Mass at St John's, Korogocho)


Day 2 - Sunday, 10th June


Corpus Christi Mass at St John's, Korogocho

On Sunday, 10th June 2012, Archbishop Peter and Fr Philip joined Fr John Webootsa for the 10:00 am Mass in St John's Church, Korogocho, an extremely deprived area of Nairobi. Fr John presided as the Mass was in Swahili - he also translated the Archbishop's homily.

Procession before the Liturgy of the Word

The Archbishop's homily was translated by Fr John

Archbishop Peter pictured in the church after Mass

As it was the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, a Procession of the Blessed Sacrament around the local streets followed the Mass.

Archbishop Peter with Fr John after the Mass and Procession

Archbishop Peter with Chris Bain outside the church

In the afternoon, the Archbishop met some of the Religious Sisters who have links with the Southwark diocese. They belong to the Sisters of Mercy and the Poor Servants of the Mother of God and had the opportunity of discussing with the Archbishop the background of their mission in Kenya and their hopes and fears concerning their work, the country, and the people they assist.

Archbishop Peter, Fr Philip and Chris Bain with the Sisters and
Catherine of CAFOD Kenya on the right

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Day 1 - Saturday, 9th June

Day on safari begins Archbishop's visit to Kenya


Nella (from the Kenya CAFOD Office), Chris Bain (CAFOD Director),
Archbishop Peter and Father Philip Glandfield

From Friday, 8th June, until Friday, 15th June 2012, Archbishop Peter and Father Philip Glandfield are visiting Kenya with Chris Bain, the Director of CAFOD.

During their visit they will experience the contribution that CAFOD makes to a number of projects in the country and meet with Cardinal John Njue, Archbishop of Nairobi, and other bishops and the local CAFOD staff.

It would be unthinkable to visit that beautiful country without visiting one of the national parks - so with an early start on their first day, Saturday, 9th, they travelled to Lake Nakuru National Park in the Great Rift Valley to see the great diversity of wildlife. The National Park is ninety miles north-west of Nairobi - a couple of hours on good roads.

Nella, John (CAFOD's driver), Chris Bain and Archbishop Peter at
the Makalia Falls

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