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As a Church we are very good at responding in a crisis,
but what do we offer the bereaved
once the initial shock has passed?



The parish ministry to the bereaved is a hand of friendship
helping people come to terms with their loss.
Although they will never end their grieving,
with help they can move on and grow spiritually.
It is not counselling, for which extensive training is required.
It is a befriending in a sensitive and empathetic way.

Ministry to the Bereaved Training Courses

Dates for a training day can be arranged with Elizabeth Partridge to be run in your own parish or deanery

Contact details: Elizabeth Partridge

Tel: 01303 670880

email: mflbereavement@rcaos.org.uk



To download an informative leaflet with details of how to arrange a parish bereavement training course,

click on this link



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