News Archive 2006 - November

New altar dedicated at Wandsworth

The new altar at Saint Thomas a Becket Church, Wandsworth, was dedicated by Archbishop Kevin on Saturday, 25th November.

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Archbishop Kevin at the Thomas More School

Archbishop Kevin offered Mass at the Thomas More School, Purley, on Thursday, 23rd November. After Mass he blessed the school's new science and technology rooms. He is pictured here with the Head Teacher, Mr John Casey.


Cardinal inaugurates Nigerian Chaplaincy

Archbishop Kevin welcomed Cardinal Francis Arinze to the Cathedral on Saturday, 18th November. The Cardinal offered Mass during which he officially inaugurated the Nigerian Catholic Chaplaincy.

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Full report from the Nigerian Chaplaincy


Legion of Mary remembers its Founder

Archbishop Kevin offered Mass with the Legion of Mary in the Cathedral on Saturday, 18th November. The Mass was in honour of Frank Duff, founder of the Legion, who died in 1980.

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Provosts - past and present

A recent picture of Provost Joseph Collins with his predecessor, Canon John Devane (Provost Emeritus). Canon Devane was Provost of the Cathedral Chapter from May 2001 until April 2006 when Canon Collins was appointed to succeed him.


Margate's church is consecrated

On Saturday, 4th November, Archbishop Kevin consecrated the Church of Saints Austin and Gregory, Margate, and its new High Altar.

Archbishop Kevin with Father Luke Smith, Parish Priest, standing behind the relics which were placed in the High Altar.

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