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Southwark Seminarians

On 5th July 2015, Francis Murphy (far left of photo) was instituted as an Acolyte and, on 12th July, David Howell (next to Francis) and Phil Andrews (far right of photo) were ordained deacons by Bishop John Arnold.

The ceremonies took place at Palazzola, the villa of the Venerable English College.
Please pray for these students and for all our Southwark seminarians.

Bishop for Migrants - Bishop Pat Lynch
‘deeply concerned over the deepening
humanitarian crisis’ in Calais

“I am deeply concerned over the deepening humanitarian crisis involving thousands of migrants unfolding in Calais. The crisis has developed over a decade and challenges us all, both as Christians and as Europeans. We must face up to this reality at various levels.

"First, in solidarity with the most vulnerable migrants we recognise the local pastoral, humanitarian, and compassionate response from the French Church and call on the French authorities to redouble their efforts in providing adequate reception facilities for migrants. We acknowledge the work done by faith organisations in France and the UK together with charities, agencies and the great generosity of families and individuals to the relief efforts. The task is immense and their contributions are most valued. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales will be making a material contribution to those efforts.

"Second, at an international level we are aware that the answer to the current migrant crisis lies beyond Calais. Estimates from the UNCHR indicate that “In the first six months of this year, 137,000 refugees and migrants crossed the Mediterranean Sea, travelling in terrible conditions upon unsafe boats and dinghies”. The 2014 estimate for the same period was 75,000. Therefore in addition to addressing the humanitarian needs of the increasing numbers of migrants undertaking this treacherous journey we must examine the root causes of current migration from North Africa and the Middle East across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.

"Third, we must face up to the shared responsibility of making the world a better and safer environment to live in. We must examine as a matter of urgency the arms trade that fuels armed conflict and civil war, climate change, unjust economic policies, poverty and corruption as some of the underlying causes of this fundamental global trend. The safety of vulnerable women and children who may fall prey to smugglers and human traffickers is paramount and must be addressed.

"Finally, the current migration crisis is complex and there are no easy solutions for governments, non–governmental organisations, faith groups and charities working on the field. However, governments, charities and humanitarian aid agencies should be encouraged to work together for a collaborative international response to the challenge in partnership with the countries of origin. Countries of origin must recognise that ‘the defence of migrants rights’ is viable and effective when based on a firm foundation of legal norms, and operates under the rule of law. (Caritas Europa 2009)”.

Bishop Patrick Lynch
Chair, Office for Migration Policy
Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales

New online training for Safeguarding

The Catholic Trust of England and Wales has purchased a package of e-learning programmes that are available to every member of the Catholic community in England and Wales. 

Please click here for more details

Archbishop Peter vists
St Columba's Catholic Boys' School - Bexleyheath

On 15th July 2015 Archbisho Peter join the whole community of St Columba's Catholic Boys' School  for their end of school Mass.

150715 - Mass and Visit to St. Columba's School - Bexleyheath

At the end of Mass the Student Leadership team for next year was announced. Students who have got through staff and student interviews to be members of the whole Student Leadership Team then voted for the posts of Head and Deputy Head Boy. Edward Stocker is the new Head Boy and Michael Adegoke Callum McGlynn and David Oputa have been voted as Deputy Head Boys for 2015/16.

150715 - Mass and Visit to St. Columba's School - Bexleyheath

Also at the end of Mass the schooled presented cheques to CAFOD for over £1,100 and to the Balamorie charity for £437 thanks to the generosity of the students

150715 - Mass and Visit to St. Columba's School - Bexleyheath

150715 - Mass and Visit to St. Columba's School - Bexleyheath

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Priesthood Ordinations of
Matt O'Gorman and Mark Higgins

Two seminary students completed their journey to the priesthood when they were ordained by Archbishop Peter on Saturday 18th July. The ordination took place in a full Cathedral, where Mark Higgins and Matthew O’Gorman were joined by many family, friends, parishioners and clergy. Archbishop Peter was joined by Bishop Howard Tripp, Bishop Nicholas Hudson and over eighty other priests for the Mass.

150718 - Priesthood Ordinations of Matt O'Gorman & Mark Higgins - Cathedral

The candidates prostrate before the altar during the Litany of the saints

Both of the newly ordained priests are from the Parish of Saint Elphege, Wallington, and both attended the John Fisher Secondary School, Purley, although a few years apart. They both celebrated their first Sunday Mass as priests in the in the Chapel of the Fisher School, one following the other. The weekend was a joyful and happy occasion, for them, their families & friends, their parish, their School, and for the diocese.

150718 - Priesthood Ordinations of Matt O'Gorman & Mark Higgins - Cathedral
Archbishop Peter preaches during the Mass,
particularly to Matthew O'Gorman (left) and Mark Higgins (right)

Father Mark Higgins, who was as St John’s Seminary, Wonersh, for his formation, has been appointed to St Andrew’s, Thornton Heath.
Father Matthew O’Gorman, who was at the Venerable English College, Rome, for his formation, has been appointed to St John the Baptist’s, Purley. They will take up their first appointments in September.

150718 - Priesthood Ordinations of Matt O'Gorman & Mark Higgins - Cathedral
The Litany of the Saints

RC Archdiocese of Southwark Archives

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Clergy Appointments and News

Announced July 2015

A word of welcome to Fr Francis Lynch and Fr Oliver Antao, who have both been incardinated in to the diocese.

Archbishop Peter over the past months has made the made the following appointments:

Father James Teeling as Dean of the Chatham Deanery, to serve for the remainder of the three year term of office.

Canon John Kavanagh as acting Dean of the Lewisham Deanery, from the 1st August to the 30th November, while Father Doug Bull is away on a short sabbatical break.

Father Sharju Varkey as Episcopal Vicar for Ethnic Chaplaincies.

Father David Camilleri as Parish Priest of St James, Petts Wood.

Father Richard Reid CSsR as Parish Priest of Our Immaculate Lady of Victories, Clapham.

Father Francis Lynch as Parish Priest of Saint Gertrude, Bermondsey South, having previously been the Parochial Administrator.

Father Peter Pagac SDB as Parochial Administrator of The Sacred Heart, Battersea West. Peter kindly agreed to take on responsibility for the parish as Father Kieran Anderson SDB, the Parish Priest, is away from the parish due to poor health.

Father Anthony Cassidy CSsR, as Parochial Administrator of Saint Matthew, West Norwood.

Father Michael Ryan, as Parochial Administrator of Saint Simon Stock, Walderslade.

Deacon Stephen Newman as Archbishop's delegate for the Pastoral Care of Permanent Deacons.

Deacon Barry Chalkley as Director of Formation for the Diocesan Permanent Diaconate programme.

Father Keith Sylvia as assistant priest at Our Lady of the Annunciation, Addiscombe Parish, following his priestly ordination.

Father Emmanuel Okorondu, from the Diocese of Orlu, as an assistant priest in the parish of St Andrew, Thornton Heath.

Father Vitus Okechukwu as an assistant priest in the parish of St. Stephen, Welling, also from the Diocese of Orlu.
Other moves and changes:
Father Philip Smith CF has been appointed as a full time chaplain to the British Army, and has joined 5th Battalion the Rifles in Paderborn, Germany.

Welcome to Father Patrick D’Souza sfx, who has been appointed as the Goan Community Chaplain, succeeding Father Francis Rosario sfx. Father D’Souza is a member of the Pilar Fathers’ community at Mitcham.

Welcome to Father Hyacinth Okafor cm, who has joined the parish team based at St Paul’s Thamesmead.

Welcome to Fr Kouevi Adjetey Louis Mawoulolo mccj who has joined the Comboni Fathers Community in Battersea Park Parish and will minister as an assistant priest in the parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St Joseph, Battersea Park.

Father Sang Mok Kwon will be completing his term as Korean Catholic Chaplain and will be returning to Korea at the end of the Summer. His successor will be Father Joong Hee Kwon of the Diocese of Andong. He is due to take up his appointment on 1st September 2015.

Archbishop Peter at The John Fisher School - Purley

The John Fisher School in Purley was delighted to welcome Archbishop Peter Smith to be the celebrant at their end of Mission Week Mass on Friday 10th July.
The Mass took place on the school field adjacent to the school chapel in glorious sunshine. A great opportunity to have this special Mass at the end of a memorable week, particularly as it comes at the end of their 85th Anniversary Year
150710 - John Fisher School Purley
They were joined by Year 6 boys & girls from Regina Coeli and St Elphege’s RC Primary Schools who were in school for the day on Retreat.
It was also fitting that many Headteachers from local Catholic primary and secondary schools were present, as the Mass also marked the impending retirement of Mr Scully, the Headteacher.
150710 - John Fisher School Purley
The Sion Youth Team coordinated and led the school community through the celebration, including some rousing hymns and a final mime from all the team.
150710 - John Fisher School Purley
Archbishop Peter spoke of the importance of evangelisation - challenging all present to continue the work of the Apostles in standing up for and sharing our faith.
150710 - John Fisher School Purley
The service ended with Mr Scully thanking all those who contributed towards the Mass and Mission Week, especially the inspirational team (Ondrej, Bexx, Kimi, Dan, Esther, Matt, Hannah, Kathleen and Joseph) who became an important part of the school community for the week. The real challenge for everyone is to ensure that the spirit of Mission Week is continued over the months and years ahead - until the next one in 2020.

Finally, Archbishop Peter presented the school with an Apostolic Blessing from His Holiness, Pope Francis, to commemorate the 85th Anniversary of its foundation.

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Four Permanent Deacons ordained for Southwark

Archbishop Peter Smith ordinated four Permanent Deacons on 4th July 2015 for the Archdiocese of Southwark in the Metropolitan Cathedral Church of St George.
150704 - Diaconate Ordinations and 50 years of the Diaconate in Southwark
Our new Deacons are Deacon Julian Burling who has  been appointed to Sacred Heart Wimbledon, Deacon Simon English and Deacon Tom McCarthy who have been appointed to St. Anselm Tooting Bec and Deacon Peter Sebastian who has been appointed to St. Raphael Surbiton
150704 - Diaconate Ordinations and 50 years of the Diaconate in Southwark

Brief History of the Permanent Diaconate

The apostles in Jerusalem, finding it difficult to combine the distribution of food to the poor with preaching the word and prayer, appointed seven ministers to serve those in who were in need (cf Acts 6:1-7), charity being considered as central to the ministry of the Church. The apostles handed over this duty to ‘men of good reputation, filled with the Spirit and with wisdom’ by praying and laying hands on them. Among these was Stephen, the first Christian martyr. Saint Paul, writing about 57 AD, includes deacons in his greeting in Philippians (1:1) and writing to Timothy lists the qualities and virtues which all deacons are expected to possess and exercise in their ministry (I Tim 3:8-13), indicating that the diaconate had already become a separate office in the Church. The very term “Diakonia” describes the central characteristic of this order: the deacon is called to service. The witness of the early Fathers of the Church acknowledges the importance of the diaconal ministry. Saint Ignatius of Antioch, about 100 AD, says that it would be impossible to have the Church without bishops, priests and deacons. He explains that their task was nothing less than to continue ‘the ministry of Jesus Christ’.
After the fifth century, however, there was a decline in the permanent diaconate in the Latin Church. From the early Middle Ages the diaconate remained only as a transitional order that men received as part of their preparation for the priesthood. There were occasional exceptions to this rule however, Saint Francis of Assisi, for example, was ordained a deacon but not a priest. But the reality was that the permanent character of this order was abandoned by the Latin Church for many centuries.
The Second Vatican Council decided that the time was ripe. The permanent character of the order was restored and renewed when the Council in October 1963 called for the reestablishment of the ministry of the permanent deacon. In June 1967, Pope Paul VI carried out the desire of the Council when he published the Apostolic Letter Sacrum diaconatus ordinem in which he reestablished the permanent diaconate in the Latin Church. The Council, in its Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, echoes the ancient image and concerns of the New Testament when it speaks of the ministry and nature of the diaconate:
At a lower level of the hierarchy are deacons, upon whom hands are imposed "not unto the priesthood, but unto a ministry of service”. For strengthened by sacramental grace, in communion with the bishop and his group of priests they serve in the diaconate of the liturgy, of the word, and of charity to the people of God. It is the duty of the deacon, according as it shall have been assigned to him by competent authority, to administer baptism solemnly, to be custodian and dispenser of the Eucharist, to assist at and bless marriages in the name of the Church, to bring Viaticum to the dying, to read the Sacred Scripture to the faithful, to instruct and exhort the people, to preside over the worship and prayer of the faithful, to administer sacramentals, to officiate at funeral and burial services. Dedicated to duties of charity and of administration, let deacons be mindful of the admonition of Blessed Polycarp: "Be merciful, diligent, walking according to the truth of the Lord, who became the servant of all." (Lumen Gentium para. 29)

150704 - Diaconate Ordinations and 50 years of the Diaconate in Southwark
The Permanent Diaconate in Southwark
In the final years of Archbishop Cyril Cowderoy, the first Southwark permanent deacon, Edward Driscoll, was ordained by Bishop Charles Henderson in July 1975. When Archbishop Michael Bowen succeeded to the diocese in 1977 he gave the permanent diaconate his wholehearted support and lost no time in establishing a course of studies for permanent deacons (1978) and four new permanent deacons were ordained in 1980. Since then the steady flow of ordinations has brought the number of our permanent deacons to over eighty.

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Mike Cullinane retires after 42 years working in Catholic Education  

On the 1st July 2015 Mike Cullinane, Deputy Director of Education at the Education Commission in the Archdiocese of Southwark celebrated his retirement with family, friends and colleagues

150701 - Mike Cullinane Retirment Mass

Archbishop Peter was the main celebrant at Mass in the Cathedral and thanked Mike for all his hard work and kind help to the Archbishop when ever he needed it

150701 - Mike Cullinane Retirment Mass

Mike was educated by the Sisters of Charity of St Paul in primary school in Coventry then by the Vincentians in Secondary school. He went on to St Mary’s Strawberry Hill in 1970 to 1973 were his main subjects were RE and History

150701 - Mike Cullinane Retirment Mass

He has spent 27 years in four Catholic secondary schools in the Archiocese, three years in a state school (which Mike quotes as 'my missionary years!')
The last 11 years teaching as Headteacher Bonus Pastor Catholic Secondary, Lewisham and the 12 years at Education Commission including representing Arcdiocese on the National Diocesan School Commissioners Executive for 6 years and representing the Catholic Education Service on the School Support Staff Negotiating Body.

150701 - Mike Cullinane Retirment Mass

Mike is a parishioner of Our Lady of Lourdes, Lee

150701 - Mike Cullinane Retirment Mass

The celebrations continued in the Notre Dame RC Secondary Girls' School in Southwark where Mike was presented, amongst other 'gifts' was his own 'Section 48 Inspection Report'   

150701 - Mike Cullinane Retirment Mass

Mike warmly thanked everyone who had organised the event and everyone for attending and all his friends and colleagues for the last 42 years of happy memories.
He says his retirement plan is to carry on working for the Church in a voluntary capacity in a different area to Education.

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