News Archive for August 2018

Please pray for the repose of the soul of 

Father Donald Minchew

who died on Thursday 16th August 2018

May he rest in peace

Funeral arrangements
Saturday 1st September 2018 at 12.00pm

The Faithful Virgin
143, Central Hill, Upper Norwood  SE19 1RT

Clergy who wish to attend are invited to sit in choir,
cotta and black stole if they wish to receive Holy Communion

Adoremus Update

Don't forget to check our Southwark Adoremus website for details of services and activities at Deanery, Parish and Community level.  Please press the 'Getting Involved' tab to scroll down for information.

Dover will be holding a Deanery service to pray for the success of the Congress between 4 - 5pm on Saturday 2nd September at St Paul's Church, Dover, whilst various parishes will hold Adoration during the course of this week, leading into the Adoremus weekend on 7 - 9 September. Please explore what your local church may be offering at this time, either on the website or in your newsletter.

Archdiocese Pilgrimage with the Catholic Association Lourdes 2018

The Lourdes Basilica and Sanctuary

On Friday 24th August 2018 Archbishop Peter led the Southwark diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Fr Ed with banner

Canon Edward Perera (Pilgrimage Director) and Charlotte McCaugherty (one of the team of the SCYS) with the Southwark Banner 
prior to a torchlight procession

They travelled with The Catholic Association which has organised pilgrimages to Lourdes for over a hundred years. While preserving the diocesan identity, Southwark Pilgrims will be part of a larger group and have the opportunity to meet people from Clifton, Northampton and East Anglia dioceses, schools, and organisations throughout the country.

Grotto Mass
Pilgrims make their way to the Grotto for Mass with Archbishop Peter

We journey to Lourdes in response to an invitation of Our Blessed Lady to go there in Procession, to give praise to God Our Father, to meet him in the Eucharist and to make known his Kingdom here on earth. Mary invites us to go to Lourdes to pray, to contemplate the mysteries of the Rosary, which Pope Paul VI called 'a synthesis of the whole Gospel'

Bishop Paul and Archbishop Peter Grotto Mass
Archbishop Peter celebrates Mass at the Grotto, where Our Lady appeared to Bernadette Soubirous (St Bernadette) in 1858

The Pilgrims remember the whole Diocese in their prayers and worship and ask the whole Diocese of pray for them in return

Grotto Mass2

With thanks to the Southwark Catholic Youth Service for these images

Listen here to Archbishop Peter's thoughts on Lourdes
(with thanks Clifton Diocese)


Adoration in Deaneries, Parishes and the Wider Community

In two weeks, Archbishop Peter Smith and a delegation of several hundred clergy and laity from Southwark Diocese will attend Adoremus, the Eucharistic Congress and Pilgrimage, which will take place in Liverpool.

A number of Southwark parishes have indicated that they wish to join with the Congress on a local basis and will therefore offer Adoration and Benediction, whilst others will hold a Holy Hour and Confessions mainly (but not exclusively) between 7th - 9th September 2018.

In our hectic lives and amid busy schedules, this is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to spend a little time praying and listening peacefully to Our Lord in the the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

Find out where you can attend Adoration in Southwark Diocese by visiting the Adoremus Website and accessing the 'Getting Involved' tab. The list is growing daily, so please do check back for regular updates.


Information regarding the forthcoming National Eucharistic Congress has been posted in the Southwark Diocese Adoremus site.  Details include tickets and access, workshops, information packs, dress code and future meeting dates after the Liverpool Pilgrimage.

Please ensure that you view this information if you are attending personally or are sending delegates from your parish. Thank you.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of 

Father Philip Mathias

who died on Friday 3rd August 2018

May he rest in peace

Funeral arrangements

Requiem Mass
Tuesday 4th September 2018 at 12.00pm
St. Elizabeth of Portugal
The Vineyard, Richmond, TW10 6AQ

Concelebrating clergy are asked to bring Purple Diocesan vestments

Pilgrimage of the Sick at Aylesford Priory

The annual Pilgrimage of the Sick, with the 
Society of Our Lady of Lourdes, took place at Aylesford on Sunday 12th August.  The Pilgrimage was led by Archbishop Edward Joseph Adams, Nuncio to Britain. 

The Sacrament of the Sick took place during the Mass and the traditional Lourdes-style blessing of the sick was offered in the afternoon. 

The Mass celebrated the transferred Solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady which the Aylesford Shrine is also dedicated.

Aylesford has permission to use blue vestments on major feast days of Our Lady and the vestments seen in these photographs were commissioned this year.

During the afternoon, Archbishop Edward spoke of Our Lady being a great support and comfort to the sick and elderly.

A Rosary Procession and Benediction took place during the afternoon, during which the Eucharist was displayed to all gathered in and around the Shrine.

The Carmelite Friars were also very much in evidence during the day in their distinctive habit. Their history at Aylesford dating back to the Thirteenth Century.

Speaking to the pilgrims after the service, many expressed their contentment at having experienced a very spiritually uplifting day and, feeling happy and blessed, were ready to make the journey home.