God our Loving Father,
pour out on us afresh
the gifts of your Holy Spirit.
Open our ears to hear your Word,
open our eyes to see your presence,
open our minds to understand your Wisdom
and open our hearts to be more available
for your mission
so that strengthened by your grace
we can truly be a sign and instrument
of your presence in our world today.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

In 2006 Archbishop Kevin circulated a discussion paper - 'Towards a Vision for the Diocese' as the basis of a period of prayer and consultation about the future of our diocese.
Please click here to read the discussion paper

During Lent 2007 consultations took place in our parishes and deaneries and summaries of these consultations were made available in October 2007 with an accompanying Pastoral Letter.
Please click here to read the summaries

In February 2008, Archbishop Kevin wrote an initial response to the process of consultation that had taken place in our diocese. He called the paper 'Living in Communion'.
Please click here to read the Archbishop's paper


In April 2008, Archbishop Kevin established a Pastoral Development Group to advise him and his Council on the planning necessary for future developments in the light of the 'Vision' process.
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