This page gives links to some of the major Catholic sites offering information and services. We do not aim to provide a comprehensive directory of Catholic Websites. Some of the sites listed below will provide this service.

If you are looking for websites related to agencies or organisations within the Archdiocese of Southwark, try our Diocesan links page.

  • The Guild of Our Lady of Ransom The purpose of the Guild is the Conversion of England and Wales, the Restoration of the Lapsed and prayer for the Forgotten Dead
  • The Apostleship of the Sea (AOS) is the official agency of the Catholic Church for seafarers and those whose lives depend on the sea. 95% of British overseas trade travels by sea but seafarers are a hidden workforce separated from home and family. Our network of port chaplains and ship visitors reaches out to them offering pastoral and practical support.
  • Venerable English College, Rome Seminary training priests for the dioceses of England and Wales
  • Palazzola English College Summer Villa situated above Lake Albano, 18 miles south of Rome. Accepts bookings for retreats, conferences holidays and other functions.
  • Missio Missio comprises the following societies:
    The Association for the Propagation of the Faith (APF)
    Holy Childhood (Mission Together)       
    The Society of St Peter the Apostle (SPA)
    The Pontifical Missionary Union (PMU)
    Together they form the principal organisation in the Church providing spiritual and financial support for missions overseas.

  • The Association for the Propagation of the Faith (APF) The APF is the principal mission support organisation of the Catholic Church. The APF ensures that young churches have the necessary funds to build churches and schools, to lead people to learn about Christ and build a better world. The collections from the APF - Mill Hill 'Red Boxes' and World Mission Sunday enable the Church in England and Wales to share in the spreading of the Gospel in each of the 1,062 mission dioceses in the world.

  • The Society of St Peter the Apostle (SPA) The SPA is the Church's official fundraising body for the training of clergy and religious sisters in mission dioceses around the world. Through prayer and finance SPA members and contributors help the younger churches provide their own priests and religious.

  • Mission Together (Holy Childhood) Holy Childhood though its Mission Together programme, encourages children to be concerned with mission through prayer, learning activities and sharing. It is the Church's official charity for children's missions overseas. Its unique motto is 'children helping children'.

  • The Pontifical Missionary Union (PMU) The PMU publishes the missionary review Mission Outlook to encourage the interest of  priests, religious and laity in the missionary work of the Church and in developments in the younger churches

  • House of Mercy - Hostels for the Homeless
    providing hostel accommodation, support and a positive future for single homeless people.

     Retrouvaille is a French word meaning to find each other again,
     to find oneself again, to find ones way again.