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The Marriage and Family Life Team is responsible for initiating, fostering and supporting
activities in the Southwark diocese that will help married couples to live out their Sacrament.
The Team also works to support family life generally in response to the call to the Christian way.
The Team has representatives in the Pastoral Areas under the direction of the Episcopal Vicar.

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Marriage Enrichment Date and Venue
Annual Marriage Mass Date , Venue and Information
Natural Fertility Awareness Contacts and Information
Parenting Programmes Contact and Information
Rainbows for children suffering from loss Details and Contacts
Grief in Loss - Hope in Christ for the bereaved Dates and Venues
Bereavement Ministry Training Dates and Venues
Groups that can help marriage



Information available on the web site of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales:
please click on the logo and the resources links

Making Parishes more
Welcoming to Families

Celebrating Family &
'Home is a Holy Place'


The Team is also available to assist in promoting/implementing these programmes.

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