Southwark Catholic Catholic Youth works with young people in parishes and schools within the Archdiocese, helping them to nurture and grow their faith in Jesus Christ, and live life to the full.


We offer a range of training and support aimed at those who are working with young people and young leaders. In addition to regular opportunities to connect and share good practice we are also more than happy to provide consultancy support for individual parishes either face-to-face or online. Training is provided in one of our packages such as Advocate, Faith in Action or bespoke to the needs of the parish or deanery.



Pope Francis’s document Christus Vivit is a direct and personal letter which draws out key themes of listening, accompaniment and mission Advocate has accompaniment at its heart and is aimed at Young people ‘post confirmation’ who aspire to develop and own their faith more.

It is committed to the spiritual and holistic growth of each young person and is designed to encourage growth in faith, knowledge, skills and personal development. The training will enable young people to explore their roles in leadership and ministry, offering the opportunity for ongoing formation and service within their community.

The idea is that each parish will nominate a parish ‘Advocate’ to support young people and youth ministry in their parish. In turn the youth service will provide a framework and person spec for volunteers and offer support and training to build up local networks.

Sessions Include:

  • Storytelling & listening skills
  • Prayer & liturgy
  • Leadership, communication & faith sharing
  • Decisions, values, outreach, vocation & challenge


Some of the key areas that we offer individual support to parishes, clusters of parishes or deaneries are as follows:

  • Getting young people involved in the life of the parish
  • Confirmation/Post-Confirmation – what next?
  • Setting up groups for young people
  • Employing a youth minister in the parish or deanery
  • Resources
  • Safeguarding

“You, dear young people, are not the future but the now of God.”

- Pope Francis