The Rite of Election 2023

On Saturday 25th February at 12.30 pm, the Archdiocese of Southwark will be holding the annual Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion in St George’s Cathedral. The service will be celebrated by Archbishop Wilson and facilitated by the Agency for Evangelisation and Catechesis.

This service marks a decisive step in the faith journey of many people who will have been preparing for a number of months for the Sacraments of Initiation, that is Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation.

During the service, the Church 'elects' catechumens and candidates and recognises them as being ready to receive the Sacraments, which are outward signs of inward grace, at the next major celebration; most often at Easter.

Those wishing to join Rite of Election are welcome in person, but we ask that everyone is seated by 12.10 pm.  The service will also be live-streamed for those who wish to attend on a remote basis:

Please pray for those who will be elected this year, that they will be filled with grace this Easter as they venture forth on their spiritual path to a life in Christ.

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