During the pandemic, many Catholics have remained engaged with their faith through live-streaming and spiritual communion. Parishes have also embraced the digital world in a variety of new ways. Many, however, have experienced 'homesickness', a longing for the Eucharist and community. Whether you have been away for a while or are interested in seeing what we are about, perhaps for the very first time, COME HOME!


The Lord Jesus is calling us to Mass.

What is our answer to his invitation?

Jesus loves you

Jesus desires to be united with you and to give you his heart. It is only in the Mass where we experience the fullness of Christ’s love - he offers his life for us and feeds us with his Body and Blood.


Jesus offers us hope

There has been much suffering this year and we all still face many hardships and worries. Jesus meets us in the midst of this storm. In the Mass, we receive the hope and mercy which only Jesus can provide.


Jesus wants to be with you

Livestream has been a real gift to us, but nothing can compare to being together, in person, as a community. In the Mass, Christ is present to us and we are there together, supporting each other.


Jesus gives us a purpose

Our faith is not just meant for ourselves, we are called to share and witness to this hope. You have a particular mission which God has given you alone. In the Mass, we discover who we are called to be.


Archbishop John Wilson extends an invitation to Church this Advent and Christmas


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Everyone attending a church in Southwark, this Christmas, will receive a copy of The Ultimate Relationship booklet. We invite you to read this with an open heart.

The Ultimate Relationship: download an e-booklet

The COME HOME initiative, promoted by the Agency for Evangelisation and Catechesis, seeks to welcome people back to church and to extend an invitation and warm welcome to those interested in attending church for the first time.

If you are a priest or parish administrator, you can find COME HOME resources on the Agency for Evangelisation and Catechesis website.