Caritas Southwark strengthens foodbank schemes in parishes, thereby supporting those who are struggling locally with low income and financial restrictions.

The scope of this project is to identify existing programmes in the parish, schools and communities in the archdiocese. A survey carried out in 2022 revealed that there are about 78 out of the 176 Parishes in the archdiocese where food programme and support are taking place, either as parish initiatives or in partnership with other organisations in the area.

As one of its strategic goals, Caritas Southwark has identified 20 such structures, each in every 20 deaneries of the diocese. CS intends to support and consolidate these food programme outlets, help them start up and encourage storage facilities, volunteers and transportation other basic requirements that can boast their activities and operations.

Other ways CS supports is by building communication between local food pantries and poverty alleviation schemes.

In this regard, CS, is building strong ties with existing structures and organisations such as the SVP, Justice & Peace, and other local charities, parish and school units who regular collect food items for the pantries.