Isolated elderly parishioners may be known to parishes, however, many other people, such as those with mental or physical disability, those who are neurodivergent or have a lack of a social network or employment can fall into this 'very lonely' category too and those trapped at home caring for others.

Caritas Southwark is founded on the Christian faith that the Eucharist remains a vital source and summit of our Catholic faith. Therefore, the possibility to attend Mass and remain in touch with the parish community is increasingly important to people, especially when one ages or becomes infirm.

Existing support schemes in the parishes include, transportation to Mass, visits by certified Extraordinary Ministers who take Holy Communion and pray with the housebound or in care homes due to infirmity.

In parishes, having a good loop facility can greatly enhance an older person's ability to participate in Mass and decrease their sense of isolation, as can having the opportunity to explore faith and hospitality with others who are similarly mature in years.