Made in God’s Image: Art Matters It’s time to tell a different story of our faith in art. Calling all artists: could you paint a picture for our new exhibition to promote and celebrate inclusive Christian art?

Christianity is a global religion and diverse ethnicities are its hallmark. Art must reflect this global reach if it’s to represent it authentically.
This exciting exhibition seeks to invite artists to interpret and depict stories of the Bible in a creative way, based on their own faith, culture and experience.
We hope to create a richer dialogue about how we see our faith and in how artists portray the Christian message to a global audience.
The Bible and Christianity have long been an inspiration for artists from Michelangelo to Marc Chagall. But there is a long tradition of portraying God as a white, old man with a beard, and Jesus, Mary and other biblical characters as white Europeans rather than from where they actually lived. This project seeks to change the narrative so that everyone can see themselves in our Christian story.
As Catholics, whether as a child or as an adult, how we see God is crucial to our faith development. Inclusive art can help us to see God and deepen our faith.
Artists can submit one artwork in 2D, using acrylics, oils, watercolours, gouache, pen and ink, crayon or pastels. The exhibition is not open to sculpture, video or performance art.
Photos of artwork should be submitted by midnight on Thursday 1 February 2024.

For more information and how to apply please contact Fleur Dorrell on