The Archdiocese is working with the Archdiocese of Westminster, the Diocese of Brentwood and other established young adult groups to develop young adult ministry in London

Catholic Young London Network- COMING SOON

We are collaborating with various organizations including the Archdiocese of Westminster and the Diocese of Brentwood to signpost you to local young adult activities in London, and develop exciting central events. By joining us, you'll have the opportunity to know what's going on in London. Click here to join our network.

Within the Archdiocese, several dynamic young adult groups are already making a difference, including the St. George's Cathedral Young Adult Group. To stay updated on this group, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @stgeorgesya or email

If you're looking for young adult groups in your local area, you can also email us at, and we'll gladly provide you with details of the groups near you.


St. George's Cathedral Young Adults

Please click here for details of young adult activity at St. George's Cathedral.