We have a number of activities for youth in our Archdiocese in 2024.

Youth Days

Our pilot youth day included 120 children (aged 10-16), 8 clergy and 20 lay helpers attended from 10 parishes in south London. The day started with an icebreaker shortly followed by faith input, with a talk from Fr Matthew O'Gorman on "Why do we exist?", We had a mixture of activities after lunch including football, dodgeball, table-tennis, games and crafts.

In the afternoon, Eucharistic Adoration and moving praise/worship took place in the Cathedral, led by Fr Tansi Ibisi of the Franciscan Friars of the renewal. Children were offered the opportunity to ask questions about their faith with a "Question box", and there were a number of questions from "what is heaven like?" to "why do we have celibacy?".

In the evening we had pizza and a social, ending with a short address from Bishop Philip Moger and a moving reflection and prayer from Fr Patrick Udotai.

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Worship & Wisdom Evenings (16-35)

Our Worship and Wisdom evenings will include:

  • Music, praise and worship from contemporary Catholic musicians,
  • Thought-provoking catechesis and spiritual reflections.
  • An opportunity for spiritual growth with Eucharistic Adoration and Confession.
  • A social will follow the events. 

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Day retreats (14-17)

We have scheduled a number of retreat days for 2024 with external providers. The first such day is in collaboration with NET Ministries which will take place on Saturday, 17th February, at St. George’s Cathedral. The aim of these days is to help teenagers grow in knowledge and love of Christ and to build solid friendships.

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