Benemerenti Medal Awarded by the Holy Father

On Sunday 12 March, in the Metropolitan Cathedral Church of St George at Southwark, and on behalf of Archbishop John Wilson, Bishop Philip Moger presented Martine Mercer with the Holy Father’s medal ‘Benemerenti’ in recognition of her outstanding work for the mission of the Church in this Archdiocese: most especially in recognition of her care and support of sick clergy.


History Benemerenti of the Medal

The Benemerenti Medal was first given by Pope Pius VI as a military award for soldiers. Under Pope Gregory XVI (1831–1846) a special Benemerenti medal was created to reward those who fought courageously in the Papal army at Ferrara, Bologna, and Vienna.

In 1925, under Pope Pius XI, this medal began to be awarded to civil, military, laity and clergy, in recognition of exceptional service to the Catholic Church. 

Our heartfelt congratulations go to Martine Mercer, along with grateful thanks for her generous work.


View the video of the Benemerenti Award presentation