Canon Michael Branch installed as ecumenical canon

St George's Cathedral Dean, Canon Michael Branch installed as an Ecumenical Canon at the Anglican Southwark Cathedral

Canon Michael Branch at Southwark Cathedral ceremony

In a ceremony on the 5 May, Canon Michael Branch was installed as an Ecumenical Canon at Southwark Cathedral.

The ceremony was led by the Anglican Bishop of Southwark, the Rt Revd Christopher Chessun. Rt Rev Christopher said: "today we say with joy that you are our brother" adding "will do everything we can to witness to Christ alongside you and with you and your community, with joy and gratitude".

On the appointment, Canon Michael Branch said:

“It is a tremendous honour to be appointed an Ecumenical Canon at Southwark Cathedral by Bishop Christopher Chessun. The two Southwark Cathedrals have maintained a close friendship and collaboration working for the Common Good for many years, which I am confident will continue to be strengthened and deepened in our shared love for Christ. In an era of change where division and differences are often emphasised, we at St George’s Cathedral are unreservedly dedicated to working for Christian Unity to highlight our shared mission with Southwark Cathedral in proclaiming in word and action that God is love and the dignity of all human life. Pope Francis stated, ‘When Christians serve God and their neighbours, they also grow in understanding of one another. Our Lord Jesus calls us to love one another as He loves us, which means we must seek areas of unity to share the beauty of Christ with the world.’” 

In describing Ecumenical Canons, Southwark Cathedral said: "The title of Honorary Ecumenical Canon recognises and respects those who, through their churches and church-related organisations, have served and contributed to the lives of their local communities as well as in national and international outreach".

You can read more about the ceremony on Southwark Cathedral's website

Photo credit: Southwark Cathedral