Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion 2023

The Archdiocese is pleased to announce three dates for Southwark's Commissioning Days for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion in 2023:


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion in 2023


The Commissioning Days in 2023 will take place as follows:

St George's Cathedral

11th February 2023

7th October 2023


Aylesford Priory

29th April 2023

An application form will be sent out to each parish approximately 4 weeks before the date

Candidates must be practicing Catholics, distinguished in their Christian life, faith and morals

Candidates should only be presented for commissioning once they have completed a course of preparation in their parish, as recommended in Take and Eat, (copies are available from the Chancery Office) and have a clear Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) obtained through their parish Safeguarding Representative as outlined in the instructions agreed by CSAS.  These can be found on the Safeguarding pages on our website www.rcsouthwark.co.uk/safeguarding_policies_resources.html 

For further information please contact chancery@rcaos.org.uk