Homily for Prisoners' Sunday 2023: Canon Michael Branch

On Prisoners' Sunday this year, which took place on 8th October 2023, Canon Michael Branch welcomed a full congregation and staff from The Prison Advice and Care Trust (Pact) to St George's Cathedral, on behalf of Archbishop Wilson, who is the Vice-Chair of the charity.

In his sermon, Canon Branch encouraged all gathered to heed the counsel of St Paul, as expressed in his Letter to the Philippians (Ch. 4. 6-7), which speaks of placing trust in God, at the greatest moment of darkness:

"I urge you to heed St Paul's counsel: turn to Jesus. Let him fill your minds and your hearts. Follow his teachings, for in doing so, you will find the God of peace with you. In your moments of despair, remember that there is hope, there is love, that there is a community that cares for you."

Watch the Homily for Prisoners' Sunday 2023 from St George's Cathedral