Before taking the next steps can you answer ’Yes’ to these questions?

• Have you been a Catholic for at least 5 years?
• Are you in good standing in the Church and the wider community?
• Are you faithful to the teaching of the Church?
• Are you a man of humility?
• Are you prayerful?
• Are you a man of service?
• Are you in a stable marriage solemnised in the Catholic Church, and will your wife consent to you becoming a Deacon?
• If you are single, are you prepared to take a vow of celibacy prior to ordination?
• If you are married, are you prepared to promise celibacy if your wife predeceases you?


Discernment: the next step

Discernment and Formation are a process during which we grow. No one is perfect, but, if you wish to become a Deacon, you must be open to growth and to developing in faith and ministry. If you would like to make an initial enquiry about becoming a Permanent Deacon, then please contact the Director of Formation for Permanent Diaconate, Deacon Ian Black