Taking the opportunity to share and listen to each other and, ultimately, to the Holy Spirit.

Following the conclusion of the local listening phase (18 February 2022), any online and postal submissions received will not feature in the diocesan Synod synthesis (now published and available here).

We will, however, continue to accept submissions beyond this date and up to the summer to help plan our next steps as a diocese.

Questions for Reflection

The Church is Catholic because she is sent to all, in order to gather the entire human family from every nation and culture, under the Lordship of Christ and in the unity of his Spirit.

  1.  What are the ways in which your parish most successfully brings people together?
  2. In which areas of parish life (liturgical, charitable, social ) does your parish feel and act as one?
  3. In which areas of parish life (liturgical, charitable, social ) are you able to discern the presence and movement of the Holy Spirit?
  4. How is the Holy Eucharist the main focal point for your parish?
  5. Is the parish the sole locus for Communion in your area?
  6. Christ is present as the head united to his body (Ephesians 1:22-23) in our parishes and communities. How is this reflected in your parish/community life? Are there other reasons that you gather together?
  7. In what ways can you help to build up communion effectively and authentically in the coming months and years?
  8. How do you relate to members of the Church who have drifted away from practice?
  9. How does your parish relate to other parishes nearby and the diocese as a whole?

Participation is based on the fact that all the faithful are qualified and called to serve each other through the gifts they have all received from the Holy Spirit. The authority of pastors is a specific gift of the Spirit of Christ the Head for the building up of the entire Body. 

  1. Reflecting on 16 months of the pandemic, how has participation in your parish been affected? Were these issues there before?
  2. How can participation be strengthened moving forward into the future?
  3. What are the means by which different voices can be heard in your parish (particularly those on the periphery of parish life)?
  4. Which groups and individuals are least included in your parish?
  5. How can you broaden the way you include people whilst keeping always true to the Gospel and our core Christian identity?
  6. How do you currently participate, personally, in the life of the Church? How much responsibility do you have as an individual?
  7. How can we better enable full participation and co-responsibility in the life of the Church at the parish and diocesan levels?
  8. How does your parish effectively identify and use the gifts of its people?
  9. How do families and young people effectively participate in the life of your parish?What do you do to support them?

The People of God are on pilgrimage through history towards the heavenly homeland. Each one of the baptised is to be honoured with the same dignity as children of God and appointed to the same mission, the proclamation of the Good News and the building of the Kingdom of God.

  1.  Given what you see of the Church (words and actions), in the parish and beyond, what would you say is the Church’s mission?
  2. How might we find a shared understanding of mission in the different parishes and Catholic institutions in the Archdiocese of Southwark?
  3. Are we looking in or are we looking out, as a parish community? Can we do both effectively?
  4. From a missionary perspective, how would you characterise both the local situation and local needs in your parish and community?
  5. How is your parish set up for evangelisation? How does your parish reach out to the broader community with the Good News?
  6. Where is the Holy Spirit calling you to mission and service today?
  7. In what ways do you already intentionally and actively seek to share the Good News of Jesus Christ?
  8. How does the life of the parish, in terms of catechesis, adult formation, liturgy etc. aid in the formation of parishioners as missionary disciples?
  9. How can the call to holiness and the call to mission be reflected in different aspects of parish life?

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